About Me

Nothing beyond

I don many hats on a daily basis.

By profession, I’m a Computer Scientist, an Electrical Engineer, a Graphic Designer, a Management Consultant, a Builder and a visionary Entrepreneur.

During my free time, I’m a Thinker, Technophile, Audiophile, Cinephile, Roboticist, Philosopher, Pilot, Painter, Poet, Author, Debater, Elocuter, Social worker, Rugby player, Archer, Golfer, Fencer, Vegetarian food lover, Falconer, Traveller, Photographer, Mathematician, Stamp collector, Coin collector, Antique collector, Art enthusiast, Pioneer, and a student of the Vedas.

I read, think, observe, reflect, write, experience, learn, watch, see, listen, hear, love, hate, believe, renegade, get angry, get humbled, and perform other such human functions. Sometimes, I like to write about them – not for a particular audience, just a an avenue to express myself. This is the medium I choose to document them. If you stumble upon this Anthology of Musings, do remember that it is purely a personal opinion and goes hand-in-hand with my freedom to think and express myself.

Happy reading!